Octo-pouch scarf

Originally made and uploaded by red suede kitten, who says:
"This scarf won an award at the Craft Victoria 2007 Melbourne Scarf Festival. It was the "Best Scarf to Hold a Metcard". Metcards are the public transport tickets we use in Melbourne. The little pouch hanging from the neck is sized to fit a metcard exactly, though it can also fit a mobile phone or I-pod. The scarf was handknitted, and a felt pouch was sewn on. I added the sushi felt discs on the body of the scarf, which gave it a tentically/octopussy feel. This was the first time I made anything resembling a Felt Cloud (see my other pics) - I glued this on to the felt pouch. This scarf travelled to Benalla Art Gallery and was displayed there with other prize-winning scarves. "
You can find red suede kitten's Etsy shop at: redsuedekitten.etsy.com

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