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Monthly Archives: October 2009

When knithacking takes an uncomfortable turn…

“Knit it like Cobain!” “… the Tween Spirit “screwed-up” sweater is a must-have for children this winter … You can really feel like you are destroying everything you’ve created/knitted and that’s quite crazy!” via Wool…

Presenting the … “choinkwich”

What is a choinkwich you ask? According to Alicia, it’s made of “chocolate soft serve, chocolate cookies and caramelized bacon”…. YUM! Crochet and knit choinkwich Originally made and uploaded by alicia954

Comrades in Craft vendors announced!

If you’re in Toronto on October 17th, I hope you’ll make it out to the Comrades in Craft show happening from 10am to 4pm. We announced the vendors list yesterday – check it out over…

Vagina Dentata Tea Cosy

If you suffer from castration anxiety, this wild tea cosy is not for you. Vagina Dentata Originally made and uploaded by grrl+dog