Jim Drain’s Ninja Bricks Sweater

Jim Drain is an artist who finds current inspiration in both pixels and retro video games.

Switched says: “A fan of both ‘Double Dragon’ and ‘Legend of Zelda,’ Drain seems like a nerd at heart. We think that his droopy, ’80s-inspired sweaters would be right at home on M.I.A., seeing as Drain’s already created stage outfits for both Le Tigre and The Gossip — bands who are no strangers to the allure of retro-dorkdom. From emoticons to ska-like checkered designs, the sweaters take us back through the niche imagery of the past two decades.”

Jim Drain says: “Pixilation is an important issue for me right now. First seeing it when I was young, I see a connection between pixilation and knitting in that knitting and weaving came first in the same way that this kind of computer pixilation did. They’re also both ways to concentrate and separate color. It’s easy for me to look at Atari imagery and find the crossover with the other images I grew up with and textile techniques like knitting.”

Read more about it: Opening Ceremony

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Jim Drain's Ninja Bricks Sweater, 9.2 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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