This Yarn Bombed Smart Car Looks Fantastic!

Photgraphed by StartTheDay.

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This Yarn Bombed Smart Car Looks Fantastic!, 8.9 out of 10 based on 20 ratings

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    I would love to do something for my car. HOW DO THEY KEEP THE YARN ATTACHED TO THE CAR?

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    C.L. Ward

    @Personna – The SmartCars have removable panels that pop off. You would pop it off, wrap it, then pop it back in place.

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    My grandmother tauhgt me to crochet a chain when I was 5 years old. At 16 I married into an East Tennessee hill country family where my mother-in-law crocheted only by pattern; grandmother-in-law only by copying. They tauhgt me to do both. IN time I tauhgt myself to crochet without pattern or copying, never really thinking about it as original, just making exactly what I wanted to wear, make for my kids, or display. In ~1972 the South Carolina Arts Council recognized my work as unique and included some of my pieces in a state-wide travelling exhibition. I’ve never really stopped crocheting, and today I am in the process of making a QUITE unique hanging piece to hold remote controls for our TV, DVD player & sound system. The main challenge for this piece will be to make it stable enough to hang straight (not sagging) & flat against the column beside our entertainment center. I think that’ll require a stable fabric back hand-stitched onto the crocheted piece plus Velcro, & probably stapling to the (2 6 lumber) column. I’m thankful every day that I still have the vision & manual dexterity to create whatever I dream up!

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