Dino, the Super Knitosaurus

Made by Virginia Nitz from Dublin, Ireland. She says:

My first (official) knithack!

Based on a 6-year-old’s artwork and a Jean Greenhowe pattern 🙂

My friend’s daughter J. asked me to knit her a dinosaur, and drew this picture to show me how it should look. Then I sourced and (gently) modified the Jean Greenhowe pattern and added my own cape design and embroidered red spots on Dino’s hip.

J. is a true out-of the box thinker!

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Dino, the Super Knitosaurus, 9.2 out of 10 based on 40 ratings

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    OMG that’s so cute. Reminds me of a cross stitch my grandmother made based on a picture of a house that I drew when I was 5-ish. So colorful.

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