Strikkekonsert by Victoria Brännström (knitting concert)

Knitting concert/performance by Victoria Brännström. Conductor is Halldis Rønning with Ingrid Grønli Åm as DJ. Knitters from Bergen Husflidslag.

In collaboration with Bergen Handicraft Association, the artist has created a performance to be presented during the Amateur Culture Day in the Greig Hall. Approximately 40 women sitting in an orchestra looking formation will knit using knitting needles with microphones attached, creating an experimental sound piece and a feminist act.

Brännström has for the last years concentrated on exploring different forms of hierarchies, and also looked closely at the status given to traditional female chores and handicrafts today. She has often made use of separatist feminist methods in her processes to underline the themes she at any time is exploring. This is also the case with the process of Strikkekonsert (Knitting Concert).

The product is just as important to the traditional handicrafts, as for modern production, but the associations to the process leading up to the result for handicrafts points in other directions than product only. The time it takes, the motivation one needs to reach the goal, desire and memories are strong associations emphasised in this performance.


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Strikkekonsert by Victoria Brännström (knitting concert), 9.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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