Two crochet pieces in ACMI’s Tim Burton Wonderland Gallery competition

Earlier this year the Australian Centre for the Moving Image asked for help with putting together an online collection of Burton-inspired artwork to accompany its Tim Burton exhibition.

Tim Burton picked his favourite fourteen submissions and they’re all up for voting on the ACMI site. It’s unclear if there’s a prize or why we’re voting, but heck, it’s Tim Burton so we can let it slide…

Julie Ramsden emailed me recently to let me know she has two crochet pieces in the final cut, “Zombie” and “Buttons”:

Way to represent, Julie!

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Two crochet pieces in ACMI's Tim Burton Wonderland Gallery competition, 10.0 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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  1. avatar

    Way cool! I´d love to have these as patterns! I wanna make my own monster & zombie army! XD

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    Your best best is to click on the image and contact the designer — in this case Julie Ramsden. Good luck!

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    Vicky Mills

    Hiya i was just wondering how i could purchase one of these zombie dolls let me know thanks x

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      Hi Shirlene, try contacting the artist, her name is Julie Ramsden.

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