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Monthly Archives: November 2010

test lab bunny

This one’s in honour of our 666th member to join the knithacker flickr pool. Made by Andricongirl aka jellibat.

banjo dinosaur knitting adventure

A true knithack in every sense of the word, this retro style video game features banjos and dinosaurs. And if that wasn’t enough for you, the winners’ panels are printed by a knitting machine! Read…

“close-knit” community

Art spotted in PEI, Canada. Photo by Bubblechunk. If you know anything about the piece or the artist, leave a comment b-e-e-e-l-o-w.

Kiyoteru Hiyama amigurumi

Kiyoteru Hiyama is a Japanese vocaloid. What is a vocaloid? Think Garageband for otakus. This Japanese software suite lets you plug in lyrics and melody and generates an “authentic-sounding” song via its music and vocal…