Kiyoteru Hiyama amigurumi

Kiyoteru Hiyama is a Japanese vocaloid. What is a vocaloid?

Think Garageband for otakus. This Japanese software suite lets you plug in lyrics and melody and generates an “authentic-sounding” song via its music and vocal synthesizers. As you can see above, the software features a 16-year- old “Virtual Singer,” which croons out whatever disgustingly sweet (or just disgusting) lyrics you enter in (Japanese only, we’re assuming). It’s so popular in Nippon that it’s actually the #1 selling software on their Amazon. And for good reason—the songs they generate actually sound like it could have come from a generic teenaged anime. Hit the jump for two videos.

via Gizmodo

Here is a Kiyoteru Hiyama vocaloid amigurumi made by Clair Ching aka happy.eclair:

Amigurumi: Hiyama Kiyoteru (full body)

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