The Doctor Who Scarf – a quick site review

Recently I’ve been made aware of TWO sites that deal specifically with the famous Doctor Who Scarf.


Why it’s great:

  • lots of pics
  • offers an in-depth chronological list of notable “scarf events”
  • good instructions and charts
  • lots of photos of fan-made scarves



Why it’s great:

  • scarves are listed by season
  • good patterns and charts
  • features a “Color Matching™” page to get the colour chips and find your own yarns
  • includes other Doctor Patterns like TARDIS socks (yes, these are the famous ones that went around Twitter last week)
  • you can totally nerd the geek out and embed a progress bar widget to show off your, um, progress!


Which site do you like best and why? Send pics of your scarves!

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The Doctor Who Scarf - a quick site review, 7.4 out of 10 based on 13 ratings

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