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Monthly Archives: December 2010

There’s a monster on my meter!

This knit meter “cozy” was made for the Columbia SC “Change for Change” event, December 2010. For knitterly details: Visit the designer:

“Gumiho” Amigurumi (Nine-tailed Fox)

Shared by Deborah Sze who says, “Best Christmas gift I have received this year. A crochet/amigurumi “Gumiho” (Korea folklore depicting a fox with nine tails) from my friend Alice. It was inspired by the recent…

$7 Rabbit Sweater

I am so jealous… another item I’d wear 8 days a week. Scored and chared by juleskills.

Spotted: scarf bomb at MIT

via V Crosson: “This appeared on a new sculpture on MIT’s campus this week (possibly for finals?) Kudos to whoever knitted this monster; it’s gotta be forty feet long, and is wholly made of t-shirt…