Baldy Baby Hat (free crochet pattern)

This one makes me laugh. My own son didn’t get hair until he was well past two… and people were always happy (and quick) to make comments about his baldy baldness. This is a fun way to combat that nonsense!

:: click here for the pattern ::

Thanks for the submission TotsAndBottoms!

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Baldy Baby Hat (free crochet pattern), 8.1 out of 10 based on 39 ratings

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    Selena Joosten

    I can,t help but make a comment, that is soooo sweet! My daughter was exactly the same with her hair and me being a hairdresser and knitter should of Donne the same! Your son even looks like my daughter did at the same age.
    Thank you for posting.


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    Holy cuteness, Batman! I’m going to adapt this to make my 2-year-old daughter a Dora the Explorer wig for Halloween! Her sister had lovely Dora locks by that age, but alas, she does not. She’s barely got the baby mullet going on! 😀 Who knows if she’ll keep it on…. but for the cost of a skein of yarn, I’m willing to try it!! 🙂


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