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Monthly Archives: December 2011


Made and shared by Shoshana aka byebluemonday.

polar bear rings

I really want to sing that post title to the tune of “dinosaur train” … can you tell I have a 3 year-old. <proudmommarant> Who, by the way, told me last night on the way…

geiger counter cover by miquraffreshia

Made and shared by micanenco a.k.a miquraffreshia. miquraffreshia is from Japan, I assume this piece is commenting on the ongoing crisis at Fukashima … i.e. “hey, owning a geiger counter is the new normal so…

“Emine’s Socks”

Shared by KnittyTurks who shares this great story, “These socks were knit by my husband’s grandmother about 35 years ago. They have the name Emine knit over the foot, but it is spelled wrong and…