polar bear rings

I really want to sing that post title to the tune of “dinosaur train” … can you tell I have a 3 year-old. <proudmommarant> Who, by the way, told me last night on the way home from school that he wanted to be a dog. He then proceeded to walk over to the sidewalk bushes where he lifted his leg like a peeing dog would. A bystander who witnessed this nearly fell over laughing, it was the funniest thing ever. </proudmommarant>

Polar bear ring

Made and shared by nosonoso.

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    Hi…your polar bear rings are awesome…are you selling them?
    I am a polar bear lover…these are just adorable…..

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    Sandra Cloward

    Adorable polar bear rings and would love it if you would share. I am mother of twins that has several pictures of a polar bear mother with twins. I just love polar bears and would love to make and even collect more. Keep up the beautiful work.

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    I’m felting an arctic set of animals for my 3yr old’s Montessori class. Did you use a pattern/pic? Would you mind sharing more pics of yours? I’ve had a hard time finding cute felted polar bears.
    Love the peeing story! Sounds like something mine would do!

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      Hi Heather, these were made by the artist nosonoso, links inline.

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