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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Knitted Beer Mystery …

Submitted by the mysterious Mst3kt who provided only a few words with this submission, “Coast Brewery in North Charleston, SC”. It’s an awesome knitted beer mystery – shed some light if you could would ya?

Fun Yarn Bomb Spotted in Easthampton, MA

Share by trailerfullofpix who asks, “does anyone have info about the Easthampton yarn bombs? Riot Prrl, a knitters’ league for positive mischief in Northampton, would love to collaborate with the creative knitters of Easthampton. Leave…

Rattus Mortei Egg Cozy!

“Egg cozy modeled after the Death of Rats from the Terry Pratchett Discworld novels.” Made and shared by Tammy aka merrickball. Get the FREE Rattus Mortei pattern by Hanneke Siebenvia via Ravelry!

Upcycled Legwarmers – Smart!

Made and shared by Eliza aka ifandany who explains, “thrifted old navy sweater (70% cotton, 30% wool), pulled out the seams (except for the sleeves), unraveled the top of the shoulder and knit a 2×2…