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Monthly Archives: December 2012

heads wip by Zoe Williams aka @x03

WIP by Zoe Williams (@x03 on twitter). I love everything she does. Check out more of her stunning work here:

“swiftie” for your swiffer

I have a pair of these for my swiffer but they don’t have the buttons or flaps, they’re just slip-ons. These ones are brilliant. Brilliant! Made by Michelle Akin.

The Three Faces Of Luke In Crochet

Made and shared by LucyRavenScar (Angry Angel) who says, “I’ve updated my Luke Skywalker pattern by adding more detail to his Tatooine outfit and doing versions of Luke in his black Jedi get-up and wearing…

Sleeping Totoro

Over at amiguruMEI they’re doing a giveaway for one of five Sleeping Totoros in conjunction with Super Cute Kawaii!

I think he’s dead.

Submitted by Kris aka YarnOvers who says, “My entry in a subversive crochet challenge for a “less cute, more gross” amigurumi. I know it is a bit off kilter, and well…gross….but I really like the…

Needlepoint Robo by the ageing young rebel

Made by the amazing Anu Koski (funny how I have a strong affection for the Finnish) aka “the ageing young rebel“. About this piece she says, “Needlepoint Robo is my embroidery project for e-embroidery workshop…

QR Code

Spotted on flickr, by SpatialH aka Heather Classen.

UPDATED! Iron Man Knitted Gauntlets

UPDATE: here’s the pattern! “You think you’re the only superhero in the world? Mr. Stark, you’ve become part of a bigger universe. You just don’t know it yet.” Made and shared by Boondock Photography who…

Knight Helmet

Knight helmet by Hattie Hooker WHO says, “if you came here looking for the knight’s helmet and you are willing to wait until AFTER Christmas to receive it, please send me a private convo and…