Walter Oltmann


Artist Statement:

My linocut print titled “Child” is part of a series of works in which I have dealt with the theme of HIV/AIDS. In 2007 I wove a fine wire wall hanging titled “Mother and Child” (see below, in the Standard Bank Collection) that depicted a pregnant mother and her unborn baby for an exhibition titled “Skin-to-Skin.” I responded to the subsection “skin and sexual relations” in addressing the rapid spread of HIV/AIDS in southern Africa. My work related to the insecure barrier between an HIV infected mother and her unborn child. Through its transparency the fine lacework of the wire weaving could be read as a permeable ‘skin’ and also recalled x-ray imagery. I wanted to convey a sense of delicacy and frailty that would relate to the subject depicted. In the linocut I similarly explored this aspect of lace through fine line cutting of an image of a skeletal body of a child.



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