Knight Helmet

Knight helmet by Hattie Hooker WHO says, “if you came here looking for the knight’s helmet and you are willing to wait until AFTER Christmas to receive it, please send me a private convo and I’ll create a custom listing for you…”

Hat tip to Chris Johnstone-Laurette, thanks Chris!

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Rating: 9.8/10 (16 votes cast)
Knight Helmet, 9.8 out of 10 based on 16 ratings

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  1. avatar
    ruby hall

    i would like to know how much the knight helmet costs and i am ok with recieving it after xmas

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    Chelsea Parker

    Ok with post Xmas! My boyfriend would love it! Great idea! Refreshingly original! Very interested to get one for him. Can you email the details?

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    Jennifer Truong

    Yes! This is awesome and I do not mind waiting until after Christmas!

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    jj gonzalez

    i would like to have the knit knight helment beanie cranium adornment. it is okay by me to wait til after xmas

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    Wes Walton

    I would like some details, pricing & Sizes! These are totally awesome, could see myself ordering a dozen or more for gifts.

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    Wondering if I could get a pattern for this? I am making a bunch if toques and donating them to a youth camp in the area. Would love to add this to the other ones I’ve done.

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      Brenda, if you click on the image or the link below the image, you can contact the maker directly. Good luck!

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