8 projects knit/crochet inspired by the film “human centipede”

Inspired by GeekNation's post "20 Creepy Horror Movie Amigurumi" (although I'm also NOT impressed because NONE of the work is credited!! aurgh!!), I went looking for some more freaky-fibery-fabulous human centipedes to disturb your day ... human_centipede_iii_by_hanratty_stock-d4ne15z :: Human Centipede III made by UnicornReality :: il_570xN.393658401_f2d8 :: Human Centipede made to order by knottyfingers :: il_570xN.393648894_shx6 :: Human Centipede scarf pattern available by instant download designed by knottyfingers :: :: Human Centipede as gift made by Mama Sass aka Morgan M. :: il_570xN.393895501_3pag :: Human Centipede made to order by Stitchy Wicket :: il_570xN.376980413_a7iw :: Human Centipede felt throw pillow by SisterStitch2 :: :: Human Centipede toque by PrincessCutie aka Megan Moore ::
chart :: Make your very own Human Centipede whatever with chart by tyrannosaurusknits ::

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