Vogue Knitting Live!

Yesterday afternoon Finn and I ventured down to Times Square to check out Vogue Knitting Live. We said hello to some great folks (and long-time favourites) like Vicki Howell, Anna Hrachovec (of MochiMochiLand), Mary and Bonnie from Colorful Stitches and the lovely folks from The Yellow Farm, who spun Finn some “Finnegan Yarn” right on the spot. He was impressed. Finn even got a lesson in “extreme knitting” from Loopy Mango … yup, it was a good day.

Here are some photos from the day, mostly courtesy of Mr. Finnegan Douma … with a couple shots by me.

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    Please thank Finn for the great pictures of our knitted food display. Meeting you and Finn will be one of our favorite memories from this Vogue Live.

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      Thank you and we feel the same way. You guys are really wonderful.

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