needle-felted Grumpy Cat – real fur!


Shared by Emily McEwan-Fujita who says, “I needle felted real cat fur to create ‘Grumpy Cat’ on a recycled thrift-store cashmere/silk blend sweater. The fur was sustainably harvested from my sister-in-law’s Himalayan cats. (LOL) Other materials used include scraps of felt, vinyl, and muslin, sheep’s wool roving, Burly Spun yarn, and a brass bell. The label below the cat says “kimuzukashii neko-chan” (“grumpy cat” in Japanese).

I donated the sweater and it was displayed at the “Cat Person” show at Argyle Fine Art gallery, and raffled off to support a cat charity in Halifax, Nova Scotia.”

Thanks Emily!

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needle-felted Grumpy Cat - real fur!, 9.0 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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