And They Call It Bunny Gloves … Cute Knitting!


More info at

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And They Call It Bunny Gloves ... Cute Knitting!, 8.6 out of 10 based on 16 ratings

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    Bonnie Hempel

    How in the world do I get instructions for these bunny gloves?


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    Hi Bonnie, I’m pretty stumped with this one. I spent some time on her site,, and I can’t find the post with the gloves. If you like, I can ask if anyone in the KnitHacker community is up for the challenge of reverse-engineering a pattern based on the photo.

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    I know this post was awhile ago but I was able to find the link to this pattern. I used google to translate it, but I only just taught myself to knit this week so I’m not sure I can give it a shot or not. The link is : I also saved it as a pdf if you can’t see the link.

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