Amanda Palmer Doll and Costume

Hi-res Amanda Palmer Doll and Costume Made by Amanda Blanchard who shares this great story, "when I went to see Amanda Palmer's concert, one thing that really caught my eye was the AMAZING jacket that she wore during the song "Bottom Feeder" song. Without much thought, I decided that I would create an Amanda doll just so I could make the jacket. Turns out the designer Kambriel was in the audience :) At some point through tweeting about making the doll, I started talking to Kambriel about what I was making. I don't know the exact way we started communicating, but I do remember that after I showed her the jacket I had made she offered remnants from the actual train on Amanda's jacket she's been using on her tour! I can't believe how amazing it turned out! I am so grateful ..." Thanks for sharing this great piece Amanda!

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