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Monthly Archives: July 2013

She Crocheted This Willie Nelson Hat

On point, 100%. Shared by Bitter O’Clock (aka Kelli Petersen), who you may remember brought us this amazing crocheted Skrillex hat back in February. About her latest creation, this crazy-wonderful Willie Nelson hat, she says,…

A Crochet Dread Pirate Cthulhu Amigurumi!

Made and shared by The Universal Penguin who says, “The stars have aligned, and the Dread Pirate Cthulhu has arisen from the ocean depths and taken to the high seas. Yarrr!” Reminds me of my…

A knit garden by Colorful Stitches

Submitted by the lovely Mary who says, “A hand-knit garden so realistic you think you’re smelling the flowers, and hearing the water splashing from the cherub-topped fountain.” Indeed! Visit the Colorful Stitches blog at

the infamous clown sweater

This is Wil Wheaton wearing a horrible (and awesome) clown sweater. He’s always good-for-a-laugh, eh? Thank you to my friend Jen Brown for sharing this with me (inspired by this post which features the winning…