“Inequality is not in my vocabulary.” ~ Olek


Olek writes from St. Petersburg, Russia, “I am here to support the rights of all people, our freedom to be whoever we want to be, who we truly are, to love whomever we choose, and marry whomever we love.”

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"Inequality is not in my vocabulary." ~ Olek, 8.5 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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    let me clarify for everyone who cares:
    Olek came to Russia to perform a project on commercial basis, signed a contract and received money for her job. She took money and then used the same project to try to make a scandal in order to get pr and to be treated like a hero. Nobody invited her to make any political actions, she was invited and paid to announce new season fashion collections for the shopping center and to brighten the building. Eventually she acted like a tricky and dishonest person. If she is so proud and persistent of her beliefs, then she should come for her own cost, go to the main square and do her crocheting in the name of her ideas visualizing whatever she wants. And not using and involving any other people who besides pay her. Then she could be a hero. And the way she did is very mean, low and cheap self PR. It has nothing to do with beliefs or human right ideas, it’s just a business for her to get a shady fame.

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