knitted breast prostheses

Earlier today I read an article about an Arkansas-based group called “Bosom Buddies” (one of many similar groups) who knit breast prostheses for women who have had mastectomies.

“We found a real need for the knitted breast prostheses,” member Sharon Loyd said. “They were excited about helping women who need a prosthesis and either couldn’t afford one or weren’t ready for a permanent reconstruction.”

Bosom Buddies also has a chapter in Wyoming and member Charlotte Kinner says, “the alternative prosthetics have been so popular the women now make them to order”. Kinner owns Dancing Sheep, the shop where her group meets regularly to make the breasts.

Bosom Buddies of Wyoming

Bosom Buddies of Wyoming

There’s been many articles, press and general coverage of knitted breasts, so if you’re interested in learning more, a simple Google search will uncover loads of leads. Here are a few more recent examples with credits below:

A breast prosthesis knitted by Louise Sargent.

A breast prosthesis knitted by Louise Sargent.

Made by Knit-a-Boob, a breast cancer awareness event.

Made by Knit-a-Boob, a breast cancer awareness event.

Made by Misty's Crochet

Made by Misty’s Crochet.

If you’d like to make your own, Lactation Consultants Great Britain have a free pattern (also available in Portuguese).

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    Barbara Williams

    I am joining a knitting group whose women are interested in knitting breast prostheses and would like to take a pattern tomorrow to my first meeting with them. I have two patterns already which I downloaded but would to take more than two so they could pick the ones they would prefer to knit. I am a breast cancer survivor also and am very interested in this endeavour.


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