epiphyllum onguliger aka the “fishbone cactus”

Epiphyllum anguliger, commonly known as the fishbone cactus, is a cactus species native to India and Mexico. The species is commonly grown as an ornamental for its beautiful, fragrant flowers in the fall. BWXuhgOIUAAXYQb.jpg large Spotted on twitter. Made by by @SuzieMakes @kookiechef85 and @Ealasaid_hello. Shared by Cam City WI (follow on Twitter @CamCityWI aka @MissChaelaBoo) who says, "First plant finished for the @CUBotanicGarden crochet project!" What is that, I wonder? Here are some details. So in honour of fishbone the cactus, how about some Fishbone the band? Toodles!

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