The Knitting Witch’s Hobbit-Inspired Jacket

The Knitting Witch wins again with this incredible Hobbit-inspired jacket which she calls a “tribute to Tolkien, New Zealand land and film”.



Thank you for the submission Denise! Visit The Knitting Witch on flickr or at her web site

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The Knitting Witch's Hobbit-Inspired Jacket, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1783 ratings

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    The Knitting Witch

    Irene thanks for what you said, best wishes

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    I am such a LOTR’s fan! This takes my breath away–awesome!

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    The Knitting Witch

    Really pleased you approve, the dust jacket was not quite finished in these photos but I was so pleased how my designs was turning out so Posted, thank you for sparing time to make just a lovely comment

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    Dear Denise!
    This is amazing! A piece of art, really!
    Tell me please what wool have you used for this project?

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    The Knitting Witch

    Thank you for saying my design is art. I used mainly tweed mix wool and different DK colours I have. Best wishes

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