Olek’s “Time Bomb”

Olek’s statement on her latest piece, “I chose to crochet this piece to bring awareness to the state of the world’s oceans and promote the preservation of marine life. To reiterate Jason deCaires Taylor’s statement, it’s a ticking timebomb and we need to act now if we wish to save our seas. The materials used in this piece are all natural and biodegradable.”




Watch a two-minute video: Crocheted Time Bomb

Olek is no stranger to controversy and in this case, some people are very unhappy with her underwater installation. What do you think?

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Rating: 7.6/10 (5 votes cast)
Olek's "Time Bomb", 7.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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    She wanted to “to bring awareness to the state of the world’s oceans and promote the preservation of marine life” but according to that article, the crochet killed tons of small marine life that lived on the sculptures. Her response was:

    “If they want to sue me, I don’t know. I can pay them back with crocheting more underwater sculptures. I don’t know why would they sue me but maybe they’re a little bit upset that I did it there. But my intentions were positive and that’s the most important thing about my work.”

    Not impressed.

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    Can I share 1 of your images that did impress me: the woman (I suppose you) with this crochet combinaison?
    Show it on my FB wall?
    Please tell me

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      Katia, I don’t think Olek minds as long as you credit her. But to be clear, these are not my photographs.

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