Cutting Edge or Old Fashioned? He’s Knitting a Watchable Scarf, One Film Frame at a Time …

From the artist, Greg Climer: “By knitting a film, one frame at a time, I am celebrating our technology’s new capabilities, our knitting craftsmen’s newest incarnation, and questioning the tangible aspects of film. Is the medium of the film equal to the content? Textile based imagery is older than celluloid yet this project could not exist without digital technology moving film beyond celluloid. So is this cutting edge or old fashioned?”

Knitted Film test shot from G.J.Climer on Vimeo.

“… programs are capable of speaking to knitting machines … we’re starting to link all these technologies we have together. They’re having conversations.”

Presented at the Bushwick Open Studios art festival last weekend, I am CRUSHED that I missed this! Luckily Fast Company’s Sophie Weiner was there and she spoke with Climer to understand the project more. Some facts: 1) currently the knitted film is about the size of a NYC city block; 2) this was not done by hand (imagine that …); 3) his next film will be a thank you letter to the kids who beat him up in art class.

Learn more about the project from Greg Climer himself:

Hat tip:

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Cutting Edge or Old Fashioned? He's Knitting a Watchable Scarf, One Film Frame at a Time ..., 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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    The word from my machine knitting group is that this was probably knit with the 3-color Double Bed Jacquard technique, and possibly designed with Design-A-Knit software on a computerized machine. Still a TON of work to design and knit, but maybe a few months as opposed to the years it would take to hand knit. Well done!

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