Support KnitYak and Get a Unique Mathematically Knit Scarf!

KnitYak makes custom unique knit scarves and other computationally knit items with mathematical algorithms. Founder Fabienne Serriere is a hand-knitter and mathematician who fell in love with knitting algorithmic computer generated designs. Based in Seattle, she’s looking for funding so she can outfit KnitYak with an industrial knitting machine and “start a new kind of local on-demand textile industry”.

It’s a worthy project that I’d love to see get funded — and being it’s a KickStarter staff pick, it has a good chance!

One of the algorithms she uses is an “elementary cellular automaton” which generates knit patterns which are non-repeating with no noise:


Knit in lace weight merino yarn, double bed jacquard has lovely drape and is not stiff:


Hear more about KnitYak directly from Fabienne via the project’s KickStarter page.

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Support KnitYak and Get a Unique Mathematically Knit Scarf!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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