Flameless Tea Light Coasters

Oh boy, do I love a challenge. When the folks at Rams Wavy Candles invited me to review their Flameless Tea Lights, I knew I had to up my game and really learn how to make a crochet circle. In my head, I imagined these amazing little tea lights coupled with perfectly round yarn-based coasters.


So I practiced and practiced and I think it works. I tested a ton of tutorials and the best ones for me were from Lisa Auch (making the circle) and How to Crochet a Heart (perfecting the magic circle).

In terms of the lights, it’s a no-brainer. The fun factor is high, the packaging is great and the overall quality is great too. If you’re in the market for tea lights, rest assured knowing you have the perfect source!


Five ways to use Flameless Tea Lights:

  1. Spice up your romantic life! These lights even come with synthetic rose petals!
  2. Brighten up a dining space – indoors or outdoors!
  3. Light up a staircase!
  4. Jazz up the backyard!
  5. Give them as a gift!

Enjoy Flameless Tea Lights!

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Flameless Tea Light Coasters, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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