Finding Time to Knit and Crochet When You Have Kids: Meet MakerStudio

Often on the weekends I need some time to knit, clean the house or catch up on various odds and ends – just like everyone, right? That means finding an activity that’s smart and fun for my seven year old to occupy himself with for a few hours. Often it’s a Lego kit, which does the trick for that one-time build, but lately I’ve been wanting for a toy or kit that can go beyond an afternoon or can be re-imagined and re-configured multiple times.

Say hello to Maker Studio’s Gears Set by ThinkFun.


When I got the opportunity to review this kit for ThinkFun, I knew Finn would be the perfect kid to test it out.

He decided to build a race car to start:


This is how it turned out – all smiles here:

All in all, at under $20 Maker Studio’s Gears Set by ThinkFun is good value for what you get. It’s easy to understand, safe, packaged well and can be used again and again. You can visit the ThinkFun site product specs, info and videos.

One caveat: my son is seven and while this kit indicates that it’s good for ages 7 to adult, he needed help for some of the trickier tasks like measuring, cutting and attaching the rubber bands.

* I received a Maker Studio’s Gears Set by ThinkFun in exchange for writing a review on the blog. This is a post that contains affiliate links.

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