Quick-Make Gift! French Knit a USB Cable Cozy

Whether you need a quick gift or just want to add some colour / texture to your life, a USB cable cozy is a good choice. This is a project that will totally satisfy your need to make something you can finish in one day – two hours to be exact!


The Supplies:


The Steps:

Drop the USB cable through the top opening of the french knitter with your yarn and begin to french knit as you would normally, keeping the USB cable enclosed in the knit tube as it progresses.


Keep knitting until you have covered the cable, end to end and voila! A unique and colourful USB cable cozy!


Don’t forget to weave in those ends!

2016-01-23 20.20.14

* I received a Type C, 6.6ft Long Sowtech Braided Reversible USB at a discounted price in exchange for writing a review on the blog. This is a good quality cable at a good price that performs as advertised. I like the length – it’s over 6ft which is handy. The braided nylon exterior makes for a stiff / sturdy feel that doesn’t easily tangle. The connector casings are made of metal (nickel) and you can tell they will survive the wear and tear cables endure. This cable would make a good gift for an executive in your life – it’s aesthetically pleasing in addition to being technologically advanced. This post contains affiliate links.

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Quick-Make Gift! French Knit a USB Cable Cozy, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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