It’s Raining Octocats and Octodogs!

Designed and knit by Jill Watt of Knits For Life, I picked up this fun “Octopuss” for my son Finn while I was attending Vogue Knitting Live in Seattle in 2014. It lived with him in his bedroom up until recently, and now it keeps me company in my office – nice, octo-kitty …


If you fancy knitting one up, lucky you, you can get Jill’s Octopuss pattern via Ravelry.

Then just recently I came across another knit/crochet designer who’s doing the octo-concept, doggy-style! Created by Zane Uzklinge, check these out:




Connect with Zane via his Etsy shop, Pomegranate Wolf.

Know of any other animals that have been transformed into octopus hybrids? (This foxopus concept looks fun…)

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It's Raining Octocats and Octodogs!, 7.4 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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