Review: BenQ e-Reading Lamp – Great For Your Late Night Knitting

Apart from it being one of the most unusual and uniquely-designed desk lamps you’ve ever laid eyes on, the first thing you’ll notice about the BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp is the incredibly heavy base. Don’t be dropping that on the floor! The excellent quality and craftmanship are first seen here.


Set-up couldn’t be easier. At first I was a little concerned when I unboxed everything – it comes in a few pieces, all wrapped in cellophane and securely laid in a cushion of styrofoam. My concern was unfounded. Once I found a suitable spot for the base, the light was easy to secure to the base and ultimately set up.

To turn the light on you simply tap the ring. To adjust the brightness, there is a dial on top of the light. There’s not a huge range here, but you don’t need it. This light is designed to reduce glare from a computer screen, so you wouldn’t want it very dim.


As a knitter, crocheter and general crafter, I’m often reading patterns from my screen or watching craft-tutorials while simultaneously working with my hands, so I find this light is extremely useful. I can get great lighting to work on my project while not compromising my ability to see the screen sans glare.

I’m extremely pleased with this purchase and can recommend it with no reservations whatsoever. I rarely give five stars but in this case, if you’re looking for a premium desk lamp that provides excellent quality and offers a unique design, the BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp is a solid bet.

* Please note, I received this product at a discount for the purpose of providing an honest and unbiased review. This post contains sponsored content and affiliate links. Please note, I received this product for the purpose of providing an unbiased review.

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