How to Make Intricate Portraits With Yarn and a Computer

Using a 28″ circular loom, Greek artist Petros Vrellis makes intricate, intimate, stunningly beautiful portraits.

The “knitting” is done by hand, with step-by-step instructions dictated by his computer. The pattern itself is generated from a specially designed algorithm, coded in openframeworks. In the future, Vrellis plans to incorporate a robot into the process (each portrait requires 3-4,000 loops, which he currently does by hand) and to open source the creative coding so one day we’ll be able to try our hand at this new way to work with yarn.

Watch him create a portrait – it’s mind-boggling:

A new way to knit from Petros Vrellis on Vimeo.

Read more about Petros Vrellis’ work and process.

h/t: The Daily Dot

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