Incredible Crochet Tribute To Picasso – Italian Yarn Bombers Recreate Guernica in Yarn

Created by the Italian yarn arts group Sul filo dell’arte, I’ve been watching this breathtaking project unfold for awhile now and although I’m not entirely sure where it’s headed or if it’s complete – ie, is the plan to recreate the full piece in yarn? – there is enough completed that I’d like to share. I’ll also update this page as I learn more …

Painted for the 1937 World’s Fair, Guernica was a protest of the bombings of
its namesake, a small town in Northern Spain during the Spanish Civil War.

The mother and her dead infant represent innocence, lost as she seemingly
cries out for mercy from her God. – Created by Sul filo dell’arte

Central to the painting, the horse dies in chaos and fear, representing an unequal
match between swords/cavary and warplanes/bombs. Created by Sul filo dell’arte

Although Picasso never committed to a meaning for the bull, many see it is seen as a symbol
of Spain, as a symbol of the virtues and the values of Spanish culture. Sul filo dell’arte

Other elements of the amazing project can be seen in a series of YouTube videos posted to the groups web page for their Guernica project:

The Dying Soldier:

The Bull:

The Lightbulb and Flower:

The Dying Horse:

For more about this project, visit Sul filo dell’arte and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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Incredible Crochet Tribute To Picasso - Italian Yarn Bombers Recreate Guernica in Yarn, 10.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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