Month: April 2017

Embroidered Aladdin Sane "Bovaries" By Jess De Wahls Of Big Swinging Ovaries

Originally from Berlin, Jess de Wahls is a London-based artist and the founder of Big Swinging Ovaries. She creates intricate embroideries, in addition to large hand-sewn portraits using upcycled clothing and it’s all incredible. This is the piece that caught my eye and led me down the path to her greater body of work: For more, visit her web site, and do definitely check out her Etsy shop, she has lots for sale at the moment, including...

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My Fellow Knitters, Here's A Must-Make! Marching Through the Looking Glass By Jessie Rayot

Elegant. Beautiful. Gorgeous. I could spend all day coming up with words to describe this wonderful design. “This long skinny wrap features alternating sections of garter stitch with sections of stockinette stitch and utilizes short rows to create it’s round shape. This fun piece can be worn as a short wrap, a scarf, wrapped around your neck as a cowl, draped like a shawl, or any number of fun ways!” Get the pattern FREE via...

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Review: Addie And Emma's Glow Stars Supernova – They're So Bright!

I received a set of Addie And Emma’s Glow Stars Supernova to review and I’m so happy I did. They’re a lot of fun to set up and you get so many wonderful stars in the box. My eight year old son and I spent some time last weekend setting up the stars in his room but before we did, we dumped them all out to test their glow factor! And boy do they glow – it’s extreme! More on that later … Made with the latest technology, Addie And Emma’s premium glow stars last for a long time...

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New Book! “Knits & Pieces: A Knitting Miscellany”

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