What To Knit For April 22nd’s March For Science

With only a few weeks to go until the March for Science in Washington, D.C. on April 22nd, you may be wondering what to knit! Here are a few ideas …

Brain Hat

Kristen of Studio Knits walks you through the whole thing, there’s even a video tutorial.

Science March Ocean Beanie

Joan Rowe wanted to design a hat for the science march that would be easy for anyone to knit.

Resistor Hat / Headband

Stanford microbiologist Heidi Arjes has created a wonderful design that features “a circuit with a battery and 3 resistors in series (to increase the resistance). Resistors are commonly used in electronics to slow down the electric current – the 4 vertical lines on the hat represent the battery while the zig-zag represents resistors.” The patterns are free: Resistor Hat | Resistor Headband

GENEie DNA Beanie Hat / Headband

Biochemist Rebecca Roush Brown is the brains behind ChemKnits and its GENEie collection of patterns. Visit her for a variety of DNA-themed selections, including several pussy hats!

See you in Washington on April 22nd!

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