Beautiful Knitted Beet … The Only Beet I Could Ever Love

I went to a naturopath years ago and she put me on a candida cleanse for three weeks. After the three weeks, I went for electro-dermal testing for food sensitivities and before I had the test, the doctor asked if I had any known allergies. I said not really, except I HATE BEETS. She laughed and said no one has beet issues, it’s just a preference.

Well… guess what? My number one food intolerance? Beets. Yucky, icky, disgusting beets. They smell like earthworms and they literally make me gag. But …


… but this beet from Norah Gaughan makes me very happy.

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Beautiful Knitted Beet ... The Only Beet I Could Ever Love, 10.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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