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Ministry of Sound project submitted by Shahnaz

Submitted by Shahnaz who says, “As you’ve featured my Sweet Tooth project, I thought you’d might like to know about another woolly project I completed for Ministry of Sound. An unusual idea for an unusual…

you know what they say about big knitting needles …

::Pop-Up Adventure Play’s Pop-Up Play Shop in Cardiff:: Photo shared by Suzanna who says, “this is Morgan, the coordinator and lead playworker for this shop. And yes, those are huge knitting needles. To find out…

Cincinnati Yarn Bombing

Read/see more about it here, here and here. Cincinnati Bombshells on Facebook: Hat tip goes to: @smrjunior

lego man mitts and hat!

Awesome! Made and shared by Carissa aka nosmallfeet who says, “Will be part of a set of matching Lego Man masks and mitts for my nephews this winter.”