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Multiple Sclerosis: the big knit

“Multiple Sclerosis: the big knit was a collaborative knitting science project to promote awareness and understanding of the disease Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by creating a woollyart installation. The project aim was to engage people with…

zombie decoy brain hat!

I’m sorry I don’t have a source, if you know – leave me a comment below. Spotted via Thea Munster and Steve Burntalive Meek.


Made and shared by the Hine Mizushima.

knob cozy to combat nickel allergy

Made and shared by gardngrl who says, “I have a nickel allergy. A bad one. And all of the fixtures in my apartment are brushed nickel. So I’m on a mission to cover each of…


This is so imaginative and well-done! Made and shared by claudia monteith aka cedarstuff.

The Vegan Voyeur: A Crochet Tofu In Disguise

… he’s watching you… not eat meat … This diorama was made by Nanae Ito, who says: “My hack utilizes the soft material of yarn and the cozy craft of crochet to create a diorama…

Awesome Knitted Eyepatch

I’m not sure that I have the whole story, but I *think* our crafty nerd here (her words!) knitted this for her sister who had eye surgery. In any case, Craft Diversions is super-creative and…

“How Do I Regenerate My Heart?”

… with yarn, steel, LEDs, and a toggle switch. Made by Tatyana Yanishevsk who says, “Check out my show at the Brookyln Art Library. It’s up for the month of January!”