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Multiple Sclerosis: the big knit

“Multiple Sclerosis: the big knit was a collaborative knitting science project to promote awareness and understanding of the disease Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by creating a woollyart installation. The project aim was to engage people with…

zombie decoy brain hat!

I’m sorry I don’t have a source, if you know – leave me a comment below. Spotted via Thea Munster and Steve Burntalive Meek.

knob cozy to combat nickel allergy

Made and shared by gardngrl who says, “I have a nickel allergy. A bad one. And all of the fixtures in my apartment are brushed nickel. So I’m on a mission to cover each of…


This is so imaginative and well-done! Made and shared by claudia monteith aka cedarstuff.

The Vegan Voyeur: A Crochet Tofu In Disguise

… he’s watching you… not eat meat … This diorama was made by Nanae Ito, who says: “My hack utilizes the soft material of yarn and the cozy craft of crochet to create a diorama…

Awesome Knitted Eyepatch

I’m not sure that I have the whole story, but I *think* our crafty nerd here (her words!) knitted this for her sister who had eye surgery. In any case, Craft Diversions is super-creative and…

“How Do I Regenerate My Heart?”

… with yarn, steel, LEDs, and a toggle switch. Made by Tatyana Yanishevsk who says, “Check out my show at the Brookyln Art Library. It’s up for the month of January!”