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Category: ecohack

t-shirt rug

“hand knit rug from strips of old tee shirts…” t-shirt rug Originally uploaded by theytoldmesew hand knit rug from strips of old tee shirts…

Mr, bad earth!!

Mr, bad earth!! Originally made and uploaded by muskten, who says (Google translated from Japanese), “He is detoxificationing! And He is sometimes broken. Natural disaster…….Even the earth cries.” Made for O-DA-I Craft

Nontrivial Pursuit

Nontrivial Pursuit Originally uploaded by victorvonsalza In theory: “Julie Lindell’s proposed installation will resemble a giant knitting ball. The ball of yarn, made of sticks and found objects, will stand ten feet around. Pierced by…

giolou’s knithacked weeds

so misunderstood… Originally made and uploaded by giolou What a great idea – I love it. Free pattern:

knithacked teratoma tumour

Flickr resident “Palominos” had a tumour removed and this is what’s left, a knitted teratoma!! What’s a teratoma you ask? p.s. She’s doing okay!

knithacked armwarmers

OrangeJuicy has a great tutorial for making handwarmers from a recycled sweater. Great idea and considering it’s snowing here today, I better make some of these… AND FAST! via Craft.

knithacked toilet paper

Superfluous yet fun! Found by Collin at Mochimochi blog… free pattern to boot. Next I want to see a knit toilet!