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Category: foodhack


“knitting class: final day june 2011, edible knits.” Made and shared by Jenna Wolf aka craftworkin.

bok choy

Made and shared by Maxine Forward aka whimsyfish.

BBQ time!

Shared by Tanya Hart aka slideshow bob. Part of Blooming Marvellous, “an intergenerational community knitting/crochet project were we are knitting a 3D garden to climb, creep, blossom over 3 floors of Bourenmouth Library in an…

The Vegan Voyeur: A Crochet Tofu In Disguise

… he’s watching you… not eat meat … This diorama was made by Nanae Ito, who says: “My hack utilizes the soft material of yarn and the cozy craft of crochet to create a diorama…