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Category: foodhack

gift knits – wine bottle cozy

Time to change gears! November 1st = time to think about the impending Christmas season … bwa ha ha! Which reminds me, I gotta change zee ol’ zombie profile pic on Facebook. Made and shared…

mmmmm. meatpatch.

Made and shared by BonnieBoo23. This meat eyepatch has made me think of this hilarious sci-fi short, “They’re Made of Meat” … “Thinking meat! You’re asking me to believe in thinking meat!”

Knitting Cupcakes

“Wine-infused white cupcakes filled with raspberry-blackberry wine compote and topped with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting and pocky stick knitting needles.” YUM! Made and shared by Jillian.

knitting basket sponge cake

Vanilla sponge cake filled with buttercream and strawberry jam. Decoration: buttercream and fondant. Made and shared by Layla Pegado Cakes.