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Category: hacktivist

NYC Subway Yarn Bomb

Submitted by S. Polish who says, “these are crocheted cozies for the NYC Subway turnstiles. This project was executed for the International Yarn Bombing Day 2011.”

knob cozy to combat nickel allergy

Made and shared by gardngrl who says, “I have a nickel allergy. A bad one. And all of the fixtures in my apartment are brushed nickel. So I’m on a mission to cover each of…

Knitted Bus Stop Seat Cosy

Sent in by Gnomee who says, these were “placed at Elephant and Castle Bus Stop in SE1 London lasted approx 3 days before removed by Transport for London”.

My Pom-Pom for the 1000 Pom-Pom Project

Natalie Jones sent 1000 Pom Pom kits around the world and is currently collecting photos and data for her project called, aptly, “The Pom-Pom Project”. Kudos to her for a) her awesome, super-amazingly designed kits,…

The Vegan Voyeur: A Crochet Tofu In Disguise

… he’s watching you… not eat meat … This diorama was made by Nanae Ito, who says: “My hack utilizes the soft material of yarn and the cozy craft of crochet to create a diorama…

corset knithacked with recycled wire from old TV’s

Made and shared by Alison Bailey Smith aka abscraft, who says this was made with “tops of films cannisters and metal washers from televisions with recycled wire from old TV’s circa 1989/1990”. Photo by Peter…