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Category: knithack

Tiny Knitted Swedish Chef

Made and shared by ohdeerlette who says, she “modified the Tiny Chef pattern from Mochimochi Land to look like the Swedish Chef!”

Looons Create Art (or Else)

via MakeArtOrElse who says, “We went looking for inspiration, and we didn’t have to go far. Just a couple of blocks from where we work at Ogilvy New York, we discovered the Looons: three women…

Kate Talbot’s Ziggy Stardust Obsession

The Adoration – an allegory “I was a die-hard fan of Ziggy Stardust as a teenager and carried my obsession well into adulthood. This image represents the strong influence of music and art in my…

Louis the Great!

Louis the Great! Originally uploaded by Amber… Bamberboo These Anne Geddes-esque photos usually make me want to stab out my eyes with a plastic fork, but this one by Amber Northfield is kind of cute….

sweet treats

Originally uploaded by Pattern: Knit Strawberries designed by Pezdiva

Comrades in Craft vendors announced!

If you’re in Toronto on October 17th, I hope you’ll make it out to the Comrades in Craft show happening from 10am to 4pm. We announced the vendors list yesterday – check it out over…