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Category: oddhack

The Call of Pikathulhu

I choose you, Pikathulhu! Pikathulhu Plush by Crafty Ridge – click through for the pattern. Knit Pikathulhu by PixieFace, based on Octopus pattern by Hansi Singh. Crocheted by Kutuleras via Etsy. “CTHULACHU” crocheted by Julie…

Nigel Farage, Prefer Knit Or Crochet?

One controversial politician, two crafts – which do you like best? Knit by Pat Wilson, read more about her knitted politicians in the Metro today (UK). Voodoo pin cushion spotted in the London version of…

She Knit a Wireframe!

This piece crosses over into so many areas of my life, it’s crazy! Knitting, web development, Lion Brand, hacking – so cool! Knit wireframe by Chiara Fox, photograph by Donna Spencer.

granny square nail art – not a fail!

Jacki Gentry over at Adventures in Acetone was inspired to create the nail art you see below based on a granny square she spotted on Instagram. Here’s the granny square, made by RebeccaLikesNails: I would…