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Category: oddhack

the infamous clown sweater

This is Wil Wheaton wearing a horrible (and awesome) clown sweater. He’s always good-for-a-laugh, eh? Thank you to my friend Jen Brown for sharing this with me (inspired by this post which features the winning…

Octopus vs. Squid

I’m putting my money on Octopus so watch out you Squid-lovers! Made and shared by none other than Hiné Mizushima.

Cecilia Espinoza’s Crochet Chromosome 7

Submitted by Cecilia Espinoza who says, “hello, my name is Cecilia Espinoza, from Chile. I started with crochet doing amigurumi a year ago, and after getting the hang of it, decided to crochet a present…

“domestic machinery” by Mark Sturkenboom

From the artist: “Domestic Machinery is a reaction on the reversion on pre-industrial craftsmanship; in this case knitting. Domestic Machinery acts as a conversation piece. It shows one of the most useless occupations in a…

Crab Hat

I love this! Shared by Cris Ward (that’s him wearing the hat!).

She Yarn Bombed a Urinal!

I wonder if she washed her hands afterwards … just curious … b/c allegedly Duchamp did not. Funny yarnbomb! Made and shared by Grace Rodriguez.